Wow! I am lucky to have students that enjoy creating both in an out of school. Isabelle worked very hard on these two magnificent paintings in her free time.  She has truly found her style and her efforts are paying off in a big way! Congrats on a job well done!!!


McGlynn School Featured Artist: Zoe


We are so proud of our students here at the McGlynn School! Second grader, Zoe came to school today with an original work of art that has everyone talking! Zoe explained to me that her grandfather gave her a lesson in art on his most recent visit to the United States. Since Kindergarten Zoe has displayed strong artistic talent and an interest in learning more. Here is what Zoe had to say about her latest work:



It took me about a day to make this painting. My Grandpa lives in Bosnia, he is an artist. He can make so many things. At first, I made the mountains then I made the sky, after I made the clouds the trees and the pond. Last I made the big fall tree.