Paper Perfect


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Second grade at McGlynn Elementary had a lesson in imagination!  This project revisited a concept learned in K, paper sculpture.  How do we make paper stand up?  It is important to revisit previously learned skills to see how much we have grown over the years!!  For this lesson students were asked to cut, fold, twist, bend, loop, tab, fringe and curl paper to create 3 dimensional art.  After two days of building, students were asked to create an observational drawing from their piece.  We had so much fun making these sculptures that we may revisit the idea again in June!  Bravo!!


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Van Gogh, Go Go Grade 2!!!

Vincent Van Gogh has provided a new inspiration for Miss McGlynn’s 2nd grade students. I have been so impressed with the level of committment these students have shown to their version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Fingers ached from the hours of rubbing oil pastel into their paper to achieve rich color and texture for their work. I know that these students are very proud of themselves, and the school community is as well! Great job grade 2!!