*Update* Art Display

Our McGlynn Elementary Art display will run from June 10th through June 15th.  The official ” Art Open House ” is scheduled for Wednesday June 15th from 5:45-6:30pm, prior to grade 5 moving on ceremony.  We understand that many families have other obligations during the month of June, and hope that you can take a moment to admire the hard work that has taken place all year at some point over the next two weeks.


Thank you for your continued support of our Visual Arts Program at the McGlynn Elementary School!



Recipe for Success: RYB


McGlynn students in grades K-2 have spent the past few weeks exploring color theory! Primaries, secondaries and all of the wonderful colors in between! Students learned proper use to class materials, as well as how to safely set-up and break down their work space.  Each class did something special with their painted paper recipes! Just WAIT until you see the results!

IMG_6256IMG_6257IMG_6258IMG_6119 IMG_6121


Painted Paper Masterpiece


We are all very familiar with the “placemat” weaving from grade 1.  It is a skill that we build upon each year.  The abilities to plan ahead, keep with a pattern and work with delicate materials all contribute to our understanding of pattern in the world around us.  Why not make it more colorful? More unique?  Students in grade 4 used various painting techniques to create vibrant and textured papers to use for their weaving project. We cut this papers into various widths for an added element of surprise.  Students even traded amongst one another to incorporate various lines and patterns into their design.  During this project I saw children working to help one another with the flow of “over/under” which can be challenging for many of us!  The teamwork was truly unbelievable.  Perhaps that is a big reason why these children feel so proud of their work.  Together we can accomplish so much!

IMG_6192 IMG_6193 IMG_6194


Sail Away with Me

Grade 4 recently focused on the gorgeous views around us.  Students discussed background, middle ground and foreground, as well as defining cityscape and landscape.  Students worked in an step-by-step manner to create these amazing works of art.  We focused on repetition of color, texture and shapes (both geometric and organic).  I am in awe of the results!!!


Soak up the sun!!! Grade 4

IMG_5879 IMG_5880 IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5883 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5886


Paper Perfect


IMG_5591 - Copy IMG_5592 - Copy (2)

Second grade at McGlynn Elementary had a lesson in imagination!  This project revisited a concept learned in K, paper sculpture.  How do we make paper stand up?  It is important to revisit previously learned skills to see how much we have grown over the years!!  For this lesson students were asked to cut, fold, twist, bend, loop, tab, fringe and curl paper to create 3 dimensional art.  After two days of building, students were asked to create an observational drawing from their piece.  We had so much fun making these sculptures that we may revisit the idea again in June!  Bravo!!


IMG_5593 IMG_5594 IMG_5595


Happy Holidays


Fourth grade students at the McGlynn Elementary School were invited to part in the “Chancellors Card Contest” in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Each year Chancellor Motely partners with a local school to create artwork that will be featured on the official holiday greeting card! This year, 4th graders at the McGlynn Elementary were chosen for this amazing opportunity. Additionally, one piece is selected for animation and can be found on the University’s website (see link below).

Working with the theme of “Winter Wonderland,” all fourth grade students had the opportunity to participate in creating a unique piece using a variety of materials. Children worked tirelessly for two weeks during art, snack time, recess, and even after school to ensure their piece would make a statement. Each and every student should be proud of their accomplishment!

And the winners are:

  • “Night Skating” by Kathleen Whisler, 3rd place
  • “Hot Chocolate” by Alexis Schrebler 2nd place
  • “Skates” by Natamil Moya 1st place
  • Honorable Mention- “Night Skiing” by Zoe Sipcic, whose work was chosen for animation zoe
  •   kathleen alexis
  • natamil2

STARS Grant approved-River Life Mosaic moves forward

Our STARS grant application was approved meaning we’re significantly closer to fully funding the River Life mosaic project. The project will begin the week on November 9th with speakers in art classes discussing the mosaics primary subject matter which includes local history, the creation and evolution of the Middlesex Fells and the Mystic River’s significance to Medford.