Mrs. Shanley- Roberts

Welcome back to the Roberts!

We are going to have a fabulous year!

This year we will explore ourselves as artists, challenge ourselves to learn about new artists and techniques, and encourage each other to always work hard and push towards our own personal best. We will expand our knowledge and understanding of the Elements of Art and art history, as well as many methods, styles, and techniques. Throughout the year we will have the opportunity to work with various materials such as cut paper and glue, pencils, pen, marker, oil pastel, crayon, watercolor paint, and tempera paint. We will use a variety of resources to introduce, aid, and reinforce our content – these resources will include books, videos, songs, slideshows, posters, and personal experiences. We will create art in a hands-on, energetic, challenging, and fun way where we will learn to be open-minded, accepting of all, and passionate and proud of the art we create.¬†¬†Finally, we will appreciate art throughout history as well as in the world all around us as we learn to embrace the saying – “art is life and life is art”.

I look forward to creating art with you all soon!

Mrs. Shanley

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    • Hi there,
      I am sorry it has taken so long! I have been waiting for students to bring back their permission slips so I know what I can and can’t post. Artwork will be posted within the next week and then pretty regularly throughout the year. Thanks for your interest!

      Mrs. Shanley

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