Mrs. Belanger- McGlynn ES

To be successful artist in room 300, you need to understand the key ingredients that make up our class environment.  Here is a brief overview of the essential elements that contribute to our success.

Artists learn to solve problems by looking at challenges from a unique perspective. So when issues arise during a project, we do not give up because it’s “wrong.” Instead we make it work by taking our mistakes and turning them into opportunities.

Once a skill is taught, students are expected to practice and learn by doing. Trying your best each and every time counts for a lot! Students encouraging other students is important in a learning environment where we are constantly sharing ideas and trying new things. I am always impressed by the ability of students to master skills so quickly in the classroom!

Having students of excellent character is what makes for a truly rich and successful learning environment. We have a wonderful group of respectful learners at the McGlynn that make for a wonderful art room experience.

We quickly realize that the art room only functions well when all students take an active role in set up and clean up! It is such a busy room with a “revolving door” so we all take responsibility for making sure we put all items back where they belong.

20140116-122057.jpgItems we always need in room 300:
Disinfecting wipes
Empty Plastic containers for paint and water

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