The Season for Cezanne

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Apple picking time is here! What better way to incorporate the colors and sights of the season than through painting!

Mrs. Bello’s first grade students have been hard at work over the past few weeks. Students were given a look into the life of French painter, Paul Cezanne. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful online resource at the Metropolitan Museum of Art which made our learning experience richer through the use of technology. Students studied various types of apples, from Red Delicious to Granny Smith. We looked at color size and shape, as well as how we could create our own still-life of this gorgeous fruit. Students painted their apples, added pastel detail, prepared backgrounds, cut and arranged apples and still had time to complement their classmates on a job well done! I am so proud of their hard work.


Van Gogh, Go Go Grade 2!!!

Vincent Van Gogh has provided a new inspiration for Miss McGlynn’s 2nd grade students. I have been so impressed with the level of committment these students have shown to their version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Fingers ached from the hours of rubbing oil pastel into their paper to achieve rich color and texture for their work. I know that these students are very proud of themselves, and the school community is as well! Great job grade 2!!





Monochromatic Still Life

Fifth graders at the Roberts have been learning about color and how to create different tints and shades of the same color by adding different amounts of black and white to any color. We began by experimenting with the color green and we all created three tints by adding different amounts of white and then three shades by adding different amounts of black. 5 - Monochromatic Test 001

We then took all we had learned and applied it to our project. We drew a still life of different shaped vases with some overlapping and then painted with a monochromatic palette. This project was very difficult, but the fifth graders did a fabulous job!

Ms. Grasso’s Class

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