Meghan Coyle Cut Paper Collages with Mrs. Fee!

For our major second quarter project in grade 8, students  in Mrs. Fee’s classes, looked to working artist Meghan Coyle for inspiration.

Objectives: Students will study Meghan Coyle’s collage techniques and respond to questions about her work. They will focus on the role of color and texture in a work of art. Finally, students will create an original paper collage using Coyle’s “painting with paper” technique.

Art Standards:

1.5- Expand the repertoire of 2D and 3D art processes, techniques, and materials, with a focus on the range of effects possible within each medium

2.11- For space and composition, create unified 2D and 3D compositions that demonstrate an understanding of balance, repetition, rhythm, scale, proportion, unity, harmony, and emphasis. Create 2D compositions that give the illusion of 3D space and volume.

5.9- Used published sources, either traditional or electronic, to research a body of work or an artist, and present findings in written or oral form.

Key Terms:

Collage- A technique first used by cubists, such as Picasso and Braque, to build 2D images from fragments of printed paper and cloth incorporated into painting.

Illustration-a picture or image that helps to describe or tell a story. Illustration stresses subject more than form.

Who is Meghan Coyle?

Megan Coyle is a collage artist and illustrator who currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area. She creates collages entirely from magazine strips with a process that she calls “painting with paper.”

(taken from http://mcoyle.com/about/ )

You can explore Meghan Coyle’s fabulous website here.

The eighth graders used her technique to create their own animal portraits. Check out some of Coyle’s animal collages here.

Here are some samples myself and past students have created:




(Sorry about the glare- some have been laminated)

To start this project the class viewed and discussed this Powerpoint. The steps for the process are also outlined in the presentation.

Take a look!

Students at work:





Here are some finished pieces!







Close Encounters- Mrs. Fee’s Grade 8 Artists

My grade eight students created portraits using Chuck Close’s grid technique and got some amazing results!


Click Here to find out more about American artist Chuck Close.

Chuck Close is inspiring for not only his amazing artwork but also for his perseverance and triumph over many difficulties he has faced in his life.

Chuck Close makes larger than life portraits using a grid techinique.

(Like all his portraits the one below is actually wall size)

big self-portrait, 1967-68

(Self Portrait 67-68)

I encourage everyone to google Close’s life story. It’s really amazing.

Taking from Close’s grid process, I had students implement the same procedure Close uses. (See photo above)

Students selected a photo from a magazine or home that was able to be cropped to 6 inches by 9 inches.

Next, students drew a one inch grid on top of the photo.

(Photos were photo copied to make all photos gray scale. This makes shading in pencil a little easier.)

To create larger portraits that were proportionately accurate, everything had to be doubled.

This means students created a 2 inch grid on 12×18 inch paper. (This is double the 6×9 size of the photo and the one inch grid).

Once everything was prepped, it was time to start creating. Students were told to fill in one square at a time. Instead of worrying about getting the overall “look” correct, students were told to only focus on one square at a time. Square by square the portraits started to come together. Students made and used a “view finder” to help them focus on one individual square at a time.

I am so proud of all my students for completing such a challenging assignment!