Two of our amazing students really got to work over April vacation!  Atkea (K) and Tanha (3) were inspired by Earth Day and set off to work finding materials that they could repurpose for art.  Upon close examination you will notice paper towels and cardboard boxes adding dimension to this colorful piece.  I am so proud of these girls and their ability to work with found materials to create something so magnificent.  I enjoy seeing how hard they work on their own time using their own creativity!! Take a bow, ladies!IMG_0689 IMG_0691


Let There Be Light

The McGlynn School 3rd graders are finishing up their amazing lighthouses! Horizon, coast, foreground, middle ground, background, reflection, highlight, shadow, cylinder, and texture are all key elements in these works of art! I will be sending these works to the Medford Public Library for an upcoming display. Details will be posted shortly.




Cold Weather Creatures

Third graders did an outstanding job working on oil pastel representations of male cardinals in a snowy winter scene! Many people are unaware that only the male cardinal is red, and that these gorgeous birds can be found all over the continental US! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group and such gorgeous work!

In this lesson, students used construction paper and Sargent Oil Pastels.





Its been a Fantastic Fall for 3rd Graders at the Roberts!

Owls in Moonlight, Pattern Leaves, and The Color Wheel…oh my! Its been a very busy fall for 3rd graders at the Roberts as we learned about night time colors and watercolor resists, and then lines to make shapes, patterns and designs and finally we finished off with the most difficult of all, creating our own color wheels using just the primary colors alone! All our hard work has really paid off…see for yourself!


The Year in Review

imageI am always so impressed with my students when I look back at all they were able to accomplish in the art room over the course of a school year. The progression from Septmeber to June is simply amazing. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy vacation. I look foward to seeing everyone when I return next school year.


Grade five work will be highlighted in a future post after their gallery showing on June 27th.




Showings at the McGlynn

Student art work will be on display at the McGlynn Elementary on the following dates. 

Grades K-3: Tuesday, June 11 through Sounds of Summer, June 13 at noon.  Work will be removed at noon on June 13 to accommodate a middle school performance.

Grade 4: Tuesday, June 11 through Museum Night, June 13.  Students will be taking home their work from the school  year upon the Museum’s closing.

Grade 5:  June 24 through Moving on Ceremony, June 27.  Students will be taking their work home immediately following the ceremony.

We have had a successful year in the art room and our students deserve much praise and admiration for their hard work.  We hope to see you there!


Grade 3 – Van Gogh’s Irises

In grade 3 at the Roberts, students studied and explored Irises, painted by Vincent Van Gogh and then took what they learned and created their own Irises. Students demonstrated their understanding of color by layering paint and oil pastel to create their amazing spring time art. Check it out!

Ms. Powers’ Class

Ms. Relihan’s Class

Mrs. McKay’s Class

Mrs. Danielson’s Class