Meghan Coyle Cut Paper Collages with Mrs. Fee!

For our major second quarter project in grade 8, students  in Mrs. Fee’s classes, looked to working artist Meghan Coyle for inspiration.

Objectives: Students will study Meghan Coyle’s collage techniques and respond to questions about her work. They will focus on the role of color and texture in a work of art. Finally, students will create an original paper collage using Coyle’s “painting with paper” technique.

Art Standards:

1.5- Expand the repertoire of 2D and 3D art processes, techniques, and materials, with a focus on the range of effects possible within each medium

2.11- For space and composition, create unified 2D and 3D compositions that demonstrate an understanding of balance, repetition, rhythm, scale, proportion, unity, harmony, and emphasis. Create 2D compositions that give the illusion of 3D space and volume.

5.9- Used published sources, either traditional or electronic, to research a body of work or an artist, and present findings in written or oral form.

Key Terms:

Collage- A technique first used by cubists, such as Picasso and Braque, to build 2D images from fragments of printed paper and cloth incorporated into painting.

Illustration-a picture or image that helps to describe or tell a story. Illustration stresses subject more than form.

Who is Meghan Coyle?

Megan Coyle is a collage artist and illustrator who currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area. She creates collages entirely from magazine strips with a process that she calls “painting with paper.”

(taken from http://mcoyle.com/about/ )

You can explore Meghan Coyle’s fabulous website here.

The eighth graders used her technique to create their own animal portraits. Check out some of Coyle’s animal collages here.

Here are some samples myself and past students have created:




(Sorry about the glare- some have been laminated)

To start this project the class viewed and discussed this Powerpoint. The steps for the process are also outlined in the presentation.

Take a look!

Students at work:





Here are some finished pieces!







Kindergarten Review

Kindergarten in the fall is a place like no other.  Many students are seeing an art room for the first time and experience the tools we use with immeasurable excitement.  We have been busy exposing our students to as many materials as possible, and letting them explore.  Students at this age can surprise you with their ability to think outside of the box and create something truly genuine to their own experience.  Here is what we have been up to so far:

Pastel Resist:

My favorite days are those when a student is genuinely excited about what is happening before their eyes!  Pastel resist helps to create that moment in the art room.  Students are amazed that water based paint runs away from the thick heavy lines created by their oil pastel.  Getting to explore both paint and pastel in this way is a magical combination.  Discuss with your artist the steps they took in order to create their work of art.


photo 1

Working with Scissors… and other tools of the trade:

Students in K are developing both gross and fine motor skills.  In art, we focus heavily on helping students with proper hold and use of the scissors.  This is tough work for little hands.  Students were given square pieces of paper and directed to somehow turn it into a round shape, like an apple.  Students were using their helper hand to turn the paper while cutting off the corners of paper, all the while controlling a slow cutting motion with the scissors. WOW! This is exhausting for our K friends.  After the apples were cut, students cut a pre-drawn bowl, and asked to arrange a plan which would place the apples in the bowl.  Students glued their plan down firmly and used their favorite, pastel, to enhance their work.  These look both yummy and beautiful!


photo 2 photo 3

Geometric Shapes:

Everything is made of shapes, simple as that. In K, we have been exploring types of geometrics shapes and how they work together to make other things.  Our main focus has been on squares,  rectangles, triangles and trapezoids (although the ‘parallelogram’ has made an appearance as well).  Students have been given the opportunity to ‘play’ with the shapes to see what discoveries might be made.  I am excited about the progress made within only 2 classes!

If you want to try this at home, pattern blocks are a great resource!

photo 4


Transportation Collage




*Click photos to enlarge
Miss McGlynn’s second grade class worked very hard to create cut paper collage inspired by Henri Matisse. Each second grade class worked with a different theme. Similar to Miss Flynn’s class, Miss McGlynn’s group was instructed not to draw any shapes first, just cut! We worked on orange card stock to create a bold fauvist setting. I am so proud of this group!


Scissor Painting




Students in grade 2 have been studying the art and life of French artist, Henri Matisse. After completing portraits of Mme. Matisse in oil pastel, we jumped to a new medium, cut-paper.  Cut- paper collage was something Matisse did during the latter part of his life when he became too weak from illness to stand at his canvas any longer.  With the help of friends, Matisse was able to cut and arrange marvelous organic and geometric cut- paper shapes to create original works unlike any that had previously been seen.  Students in grade 2 worked around an “ocean” theme to create Matisse inspired collage.  Look closely at the shapes and colors use to see what you can discover in the underwater world of grade 2!

Photographed works from Miss Flynn’s class


Kindergarten Rocks!

Amazing stuff has been going on in Kindergarten at the Roberts. We have learned the colors of the rainbow, how to designing turkeys, learned the Primary Colors, made snow people, and Owl Moon night time landscapes! We have spent time drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, and pasting all kinds of materials. We are having a blast and it is only January…stay tuned for more projects throughout the year!



First Graders at the Roberts learned about shape and form in a whole new way as they worked together to build and design giant farm animals out of cardboard. We also learned about texture and color as we painted and glued materials varying from cardboard, construction paper, yarn, and cotton balls.

The results were GIANT!


The Cow


The Sheep


The Horse

007 - Copy

The Rooster


The Pig



Reworking It!

Students in Mrs. Bello’s class did a wonderful job using painted paper scraps ands recycled materials to represent fun farm life. Teachers and staff sent in old cereal boxes to create these animals, inspired by the Recycled Rooster lesson found at Art Projects for Kids.

We decided to pump up the image with oil pastel and bold color. Students spent so much time on these animals, and it shows! Excellent work grade 1!






Second grade students at the McGlynn have been studying the life, style, and works of French artist, Henri Matisse. Students have had the opportunity to work with various materials in order to duplicate his work, as well as create their own pieces using the ‘King of the Fauves’ as inspiration. These pieces are from Mrs. Ewing’s second grade class. This class truly enjoyed working on both the pastel portrait, and the colorful paper cut-outs. Students enjoyed discussing French culture as well as practicing speaking the language. C’est magnifique!