Let There Be Light

The McGlynn School 3rd graders are finishing up their amazing lighthouses! Horizon, coast, foreground, middle ground, background, reflection, highlight, shadow, cylinder, and texture are all key elements in these works of art! I will be sending these works to the Medford Public Library for an upcoming display. Details will be posted shortly.




Scarecrows and Van Gogh!

This past fall, second graders at the Roberts took planning and design to a whole new level…an awesome level! The students worked so hard to plan and sketch their ideas and then did a beautiful job of coloring and painting in layers to achieve a fantastic finished product. Together we learned about the harvest, line, foreground/middle ground/background, color, texture, landscapes, Vincent Van Gogh, and how taking our time really pays off!


Summertime… and the living is easy

Students at the McGlynn Elementary sure know how to kick back and relax… After weeks of hard work that is! Students worked tirelessly on gorgeous lighthouse drawings using colored pencil this past Spring. Hands were aching, pencils were snapping and eyes were starting to go crazy after the hours spent on the gorgeous shading students added to these works of art. Let’s hope these students are enjoying their Summer now that their break is finally here!