Happy Holidays


Fourth grade students at the McGlynn Elementary School were invited to part in the “Chancellors Card Contest” in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Each year Chancellor Motely partners with a local school to create artwork that will be featured on the official holiday greeting card! This year, 4th graders at the McGlynn Elementary were chosen for this amazing opportunity. Additionally, one piece is selected for animation and can be found on the University’s website (see link below).

Working with the theme of “Winter Wonderland,” all fourth grade students had the opportunity to participate in creating a unique piece using a variety of materials. Children worked tirelessly for two weeks during art, snack time, recess, and even after school to ensure their piece would make a statement. Each and every student should be proud of their accomplishment!

And the winners are:

  • “Night Skating” by Kathleen Whisler, 3rd place
  • “Hot Chocolate” by Alexis Schrebler 2nd place
  • “Skates” by Natamil Moya 1st place
  • Honorable Mention- “Night Skiing” by Zoe Sipcic, whose work was chosen for animation zoe
  •   kathleen alexis
  • natamil2