Transportation Collage




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Miss McGlynn’s second grade class worked very hard to create cut paper collage inspired by Henri Matisse. Each second grade class worked with a different theme. Similar to Miss Flynn’s class, Miss McGlynn’s group was instructed not to draw any shapes first, just cut! We worked on orange card stock to create a bold fauvist setting. I am so proud of this group!


Printmaking: Expect the Unexpected

Students at McGlynn Elementary are experimenting with various forms of printmaking in the classroom. It is messy, time consuming, and loads of fun! Here is a small sampling of collaborative work from Mrs. Notaro’s class. Students worked together to create their first monoprint! I look forward to seeing more work as we take off on this printmaking journey!





Be My Valentine, Jim Dine!



Wow! Students in grade one were introduced to American abstract expressionist, Jim Dine. After looking at a selection of Dine’s works, students used oil pastel to create their own creations. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, students work diligently to create hearts that skip a beat! Absolutely gorgeous!

Photographed work from Mrs. Bello’s class






Kindergarteners from Miss Cormio’s class also had an opportunity to explore Jim Dine! Miss Cormio’s class used palette knives to paint their Jim Dine hearts to achieve a textured look. Mrs. Guarino popped into the room and was amazed at the results! We discovered that using a paintbrush isn’t the only option for creating beautiful work. A small selection of Cormio’s hearts are pictured below.






Scissor Painting




Students in grade 2 have been studying the art and life of French artist, Henri Matisse. After completing portraits of Mme. Matisse in oil pastel, we jumped to a new medium, cut-paper.  Cut- paper collage was something Matisse did during the latter part of his life when he became too weak from illness to stand at his canvas any longer.  With the help of friends, Matisse was able to cut and arrange marvelous organic and geometric cut- paper shapes to create original works unlike any that had previously been seen.  Students in grade 2 worked around an “ocean” theme to create Matisse inspired collage.  Look closely at the shapes and colors use to see what you can discover in the underwater world of grade 2!

Photographed works from Miss Flynn’s class