Kindergarten Rocks!

Amazing stuff has been going on in Kindergarten at the Roberts. We have learned the colors of the rainbow, how to designing turkeys, learned the Primary Colors, made snow people, and Owl Moon night time landscapes! We have spent time drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, and pasting all kinds of materials. We are having a blast and it is only January…stay tuned for more projects throughout the year!


Check out our fall projects!

It was an exciting fall for first graders at the Roberts. We kicked off the year with sailboats near and far where we worked hard on a crayon/watercolor resist. Then we created dancing stick figures as we played with lines – straight, curved, wiggly, contour, etc. We then switched gears to learn about our 3 Primary Colors and how to mix them together to make our Secondary Colors – Orange pumpkins on Green grass with Purple shadows!



Scarecrows and Van Gogh!

This past fall, second graders at the Roberts took planning and design to a whole new level…an awesome level! The students worked so hard to plan and sketch their ideas and then did a beautiful job of coloring and painting in layers to achieve a fantastic finished product. Together we learned about the harvest, line, foreground/middle ground/background, color, texture, landscapes, Vincent Van Gogh, and how taking our time really pays off!


Cormio’s Colors


Primary colors are everywhere!  We need them to make other colors!  Kindergarten has been working very hard to explore the possible outcomes when mixing primaries.

Miss Cormio’s Kinderartists have been mixing away over the last two weeks and the results are bold and breathtaking!  Each time students arrived, we would ask ourselves, “what will happen when we mix (primary) + 20140117-100131.jpg(primary)?”  Students would make a prediction, and then proceed to the experimentation phase!  Students discovered they could create a multitude of greens, a variety of oranges and a wide selection of purples.

We also had a fun time watching the primary colors video that was recently featured on Sesame Street!  What a great way to visualize color theory!




McGlynn School Featured Artist: Zoe


We are so proud of our students here at the McGlynn School! Second grader, Zoe came to school today with an original work of art that has everyone talking! Zoe explained to me that her grandfather gave her a lesson in art on his most recent visit to the United States. Since Kindergarten Zoe has displayed strong artistic talent and an interest in learning more. Here is what Zoe had to say about her latest work:



It took me about a day to make this painting. My Grandpa lives in Bosnia, he is an artist. He can make so many things. At first, I made the mountains then I made the sky, after I made the clouds the trees and the pond. Last I made the big fall tree.



Green Machines

Kindergarten is beginning to explore the primary colors and their relationship to other colors. The first two primaries we discussed were blue and yellow. Students made predictions as to what might happen when the two colors mixed together. Students tested their theories and began mixing. They used a palette knife, a brush and paper to explore mixing various types of GREEN paint!

Next up we will explore red and yellow!



Jasper Johns Numbers

Students in Miss Renaud’s class did an amazing job paying homage to American pop artist, Jasper Johns. Jasper Johns famously took numbers and letters and produced truly unique representations on these everyday elements. Students were asked to use bold line and color to their number grid. I am truly impressed with the attention to detail paid by these young artists!






Bonjour, Mme Matisse!

Once again, second grade took on French fauvist, Henri Matisse. Each year second graders seem to become more thorough in their representation of the portrait of Madame Matisse. This year I was particularly impressed by the rich colors I saw in the student work. It was as though Matisse himself was guiding the students as to which color to choose next! Excellent job, grade 2!




Cold Weather Creatures

Third graders did an outstanding job working on oil pastel representations of male cardinals in a snowy winter scene! Many people are unaware that only the male cardinal is red, and that these gorgeous birds can be found all over the continental US! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group and such gorgeous work!

In this lesson, students used construction paper and Sargent Oil Pastels.