Showings at the McGlynn

Student art work will be on display at the McGlynn Elementary on the following dates. 

Grades K-3: Tuesday, June 11 through Sounds of Summer, June 13 at noon.  Work will be removed at noon on June 13 to accommodate a middle school performance.

Grade 4: Tuesday, June 11 through Museum Night, June 13.  Students will be taking home their work from the school  year upon the Museum’s closing.

Grade 5:  June 24 through Moving on Ceremony, June 27.  Students will be taking their work home immediately following the ceremony.

We have had a successful year in the art room and our students deserve much praise and admiration for their hard work.  We hope to see you there!


Grade 3 – Van Gogh’s Irises

In grade 3 at the Roberts, students studied and explored Irises, painted by Vincent Van Gogh and then took what they learned and created their own Irises. Students demonstrated their understanding of color by layering paint and oil pastel to create their amazing spring time art. Check it out!

Ms. Powers’ Class

Ms. Relihan’s Class

Mrs. McKay’s Class

Mrs. Danielson’s Class



First Graders at the Roberts learned about shape and form in a whole new way as they worked together to build and design giant farm animals out of cardboard. We also learned about texture and color as we painted and glued materials varying from cardboard, construction paper, yarn, and cotton balls.

The results were GIANT!


The Cow


The Sheep


The Horse

007 - Copy

The Rooster


The Pig



Reworking It!

Students in Mrs. Bello’s class did a wonderful job using painted paper scraps ands recycled materials to represent fun farm life. Teachers and staff sent in old cereal boxes to create these animals, inspired by the Recycled Rooster lesson found at Art Projects for Kids.

We decided to pump up the image with oil pastel and bold color. Students spent so much time on these animals, and it shows! Excellent work grade 1!