Take a Good Look at Yourself

Students across all grade levels are learning to see themselves in a new way: through shape and line.  A very kind donor thought that the magnificent Mary K mirrors she had at home (20 in all!) would be the perfect addition to the art room, and was she right!!  These amazing mirrors have allowed all students to begin exploring self portraiture like pros.  Noticing the bottom lashes, facial symmetry, and the unique marks that make us all special has been quite exciting.  My hope is to find a few more of these mirrors to make a complete set for our amazing students.  Take a look at the students at work.  Final self portraits will be revealed this Spring!


Easel Does It

The Art Room is COVERED in paint at the McGlynn Elementary School, and with good reason.   We have been painting on canvas (stretched and board) for the past week.  I decided that we would stick to a simple shape, a heart, and allow students to make all of the decisions from there.  Partners and trios worked together to bring these hearts to life.  We discussed that hearts represent all emotion, not only love, which opened the door to creative interpretation.  When we are scared, our heart beats fast, when we are sad, it aches.  How as artists would we show these feelings?  My heart is full of pride this week because of the efforts put forth by all grade levels during this collaborative project.

Special thanks to Mrs. Fee, from the McGlynn Middle School, for allowing us to use her table easels from her own personal collection to make this project a success.


Elements of Art and Principles of Design, 7E

The Elements of Art and Principles of Design project gives 7th graders the chance to gain a more complete understanding of the building blocks of visual art and design. The elements and principles could be called the nuts and bolts of seeing. Completed 7E projects are posted here.


Moving 4th at the McGlynn

Have you ever been so deep into a project at home or at work, that for a brief moment you forget why you started?  But then, after stepping back and taking a deep breath you see what you have created and it suddenly becomes clear!  Our fourth graders spent much of their year working on very detailed works of art which took (in some cases) over a month to complete.  From Kandinsky, to Seurat to Hundertwasser, these students immersed themselves in the styles of some of the greatest artists to have lived.  I am beyond proud of their level of focus during these past few months, when it could have become easy to lose sight of our focus.  Please enjoy these works by Miss Byrne’s and Mrs. Prouty’s students.


“My favorite part was pointillism because I like how all of the colors pop into one picture”- JC

“My favorite was pointillism because you didn’t know you could mix using dots. When the blue and red dots mixed you get purple”-MM


Look at Those FACES!

Students in Mrs. Collins’ 2nd grade class have been working on 3D shapes!   The students have been studying geometry in their classroom with crossover work in the art room.  See?! Math and Art DO work together! I am very excited to see the progress these students have made over the past two weeks.  They are always impressing me with their wide range of knowledge.



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My Q4 sixth graders will be getting a refrigerator magnet from me as a reminder.


AMS Artwork on Artsonia.com

Cut Paper Still Life

I’m endeavoring to post artwork created by AMS students on artsonia.com. My hope is to have work created in Q3 posted in the next week or so.










Wow! I am lucky to have students that enjoy creating both in an out of school. Isabelle worked very hard on these two magnificent paintings in her free time.  She has truly found her style and her efforts are paying off in a big way! Congrats on a job well done!!!